Toby Driver


The Stone, Avenue C and 2nd Street, NYC

Tuesday, October 18 at 10:00pm

$15 ($10 with SONiCPass. CASH ONLY AT DOOR)

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Toby Driver: "The Lugubrious Library Loft"


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Toby Driver is a 32-year old composer and multi-instrumentalist from New England and currently residing in New York City. Although he’s probably best known as the "mastermind" behind the progressive/avant rock groups Kayo Dot and maudlin of the Well, Toby’s career as an individual musician has spanned almost twenty-four years, including twenty of those as a songwriter.

Toby started home recording when he was twelve or thirteen, continuing through several bands in college and to today. Over the years, he’s explored an enormous spectrum of styles, including rock, metal, electronica, soundtrack, weird pop, jazz, ambient, funk, folk, new age, modern classical, noise, and experimental, and has always had great enthusiasm for progression (individual) and the avant-garde tradition (the worldwide musical lattice). Toby’s primary interest in music has always been escapism and the power of music to completely remove the mind and soul from the physical world. Dreams have forever played an integral role in his aesthetic, a fact which has led him to passionately explore that world scientifically and spiritually through literature and practice.