Roulette; 509 Atlantic Avenue at 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

Friday, October 21 at 10:00pm

$10 ($8 with SONiCPass. CASH ONLY AT DOOR)

Thicket 2.0 demo


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Thicket is an audiovisual art piece, toy, and instrument, distributed as an iPhone/iPad app. Thicket transforms simple gestures on the screen it inhabits in to mesmerizing visual patterns and kaleidoscopic sound.

Thicket embodies the combined strengths of two programmer/artists: Joshue Ott, a visual artist, and Morgan Packard, a composer and musician. Nearly a decade ago, both Ott and Packard realized that they heard their own creative voices most clearly when designing processes, rather than finalities, that many of their most interesting ideas were best expressed in code, rather than traditional media.

After exciting and productive years of performing with their own, separate software creations — Ott’s SuperDraw for visuals and Packard’s Ripple for sound — the two decided to roll their ideas together in to a single package, to undertake a grand experiment in synergistic software, to create a single system which united both of their approaches to sound, image, and physical gesture.

The result was Thicket, an App Store release which found a surprisingly large audience. Since its launch, Thicket has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times, has caught the attention of numerous tastemakers and blogs, and was featured by Apple in its 2010 "best generative art and music apps" list, along with being quite a lot of fun for its creators.